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Acoustic Doors


SIAC acoustic door has been designed to reduce the unwanted noise by absorbing sound.

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Vent-Noise Louvers

vent-noise louver

SIAC acoustic lou­vers are highly designed to allow the air flow and reduce noise transmission.

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Acoustic Enclosure

acoustic enclosure

SIAC acoustic enclosure helps to reduce noise form industrial environment.

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Acoustic Walls

Acoustic ceiling

SIAC provides a 100% durable acoustic wall which reduces the reverberated noise in building.

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SIAC Metro Phils Inc is establised in 2013 and specialised in Soundproofing and Sound Insulation products in South East Asia. SIAC Metro Phils is the member of the SIAC group ( SIAC PTE LTD ) which is Singapore based company with more than two decades in the acoustic industry.

SIAC Metro Phils focus on our corporate objective which is to provide innovative and value-added products and service to our customers. We have achieved ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 & bizSAFE STAR Standards to assure our clients on our quality pursuit of acoustic excellence and safety features into our product design and development.

Our qualified acousticians design, implement and provide acoustical solutions to a wide range applications in various areas such as Auditorium, Recording Studio, Performance Hall and Music Room, Hospital, Residential, Transportation and many others.

We help our clients from all parts of Asia to effectively reduce noise so as to achieve their desired level acoustic requirements. Over the years, our proven track records have garnered a wide base of domestic and international customers.

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Audiology Booth

Audio Booth Audiology booth in Parkway East Hospital in Singapore

Acoustic Wall Solutions

Acoustic Panels High Performance acoustic panels at National Technology University (NTU)

Facade Claddings

Facade Claddings Acoustic claddings in The Star Vista in Buona Vista in Singapore